Transactional Analysis

My extensive training has been in Transactional Analysis (TA), and this is the main model of therapy I use in my Cheshire counselling practice. It’s a talking therapy and a comprehensive approach which incorporates aspects of humanistic, cognitive-behavioural and psychodynamic therapy.  

What is Transactional Analysis? 

Founded by Eric Berne and made famous by Claude Steiner, Transactional Analysis is a popular humanistic, psychotherapy and counselling theory. It works by looking at an individual’s relationships and interactions with others to help promote positive change and growth. 

How does it work?

Transactional Analysis is based on the idea that everyone is split into three: Parent, Adult and Child. By using Parent ego state, Adult ego state and Child ego states, we can analyse how someone communicates and identify where they can grow self-awareness. 

It combines elements of human behaviour (as experienced by yourself and others), the release of repressed emotions and experiences, and a practical approach to problem-solving to aid you in changing patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour.

This short video may help to explain it in more detail. 

What can I expect?

Transactional Analysis is a form of talking therapy, designed to explore your personality and how this has been shaped by past experiences.

I’ll work with you to create a safe, confidential and professional environment in which you feel comfortable and respected. We’ll identify the ways in which you relate to yourself and others, through all forms of  communication, and I’ll support you in identifying areas where you may like to make changes. 

Developing emotional resilience is another area that we’ll likely explore. Gaining greater understanding of your emotional responses and recognising how this affects you can create long-lasting changes, especially when discussed alongside your childhood experiences.

Who can benefit from this?

Anyone can benefit from this kind of adult counselling and adult psychotherapy. Transactional Analysis is designed to help with personal growth and can provide you with skills that can be used in all areas of your life.  This makes Transactional Analysis a great therapeutic approach for a range of different concerns. 

Why not book a session today?

I offer counselling and psychotherapy services for adults in Cheshire and use Transactional Analysis theories and therapy to help patients with mental health concerns like stress, anxiety and depression as well as childhood trauma, grief, loss and bereavement. 

To book one of my Wilmslow counselling sessions, drop me a message using this link. Alternatively, you can email me at or call / text me on 07730 533470.