Wondering whether counselling is for you? At Resolute Psychology & Counselling, I use talking therapy to help with a number of different concerns.

Anxiety: From panic attacks to generally feeling anxious, I offer counselling for anxiety to help you to understand the cause of these emotions and experiences. We’ll discuss ways to cope, trigger points and I’ll work with you to explore how to manage these feelings.

Stress: Talking therapy for anxiety and stress can help you to put your worries into perspective. Not only will we discuss why you’re feeling stressed but I’ll help you to prioritise your feelings, grow your awareness, and develop emotional resilience.

Grief: Counselling for grief can be useful if you’re struggling with any type of loss. This includes loss of a family member, loss of a job or the breakdown of a relationship. 

Loss and bereavement: Bereavement counselling can help you with all stages of grief. Often, people don’t realise they require counselling until months or even years have passed. 

Childhood trauma: Whether emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, family loss or other traumatic experiences, our childhood can have long-term effects. Together, we’ll discuss these traumatic events and create coping strategies that harness positive change. 

Redundancy and financial changes: Anxiety disorders can often stem from stress in the workplace as well as job loss and financial concerns. These worries can affect many areas of your life, and my Cheshire counselling service can help if you’re struggling with any of these. 

Relationships and divorce: Whether feeling overwhelmed at a relationship’s pace or struggling with a break-up, I will listen as you explain your feelings and concerns. Together, we’ll gain a greater understanding of your relationship difficulties.

Starting a family and parenting: Parenthood is supposed to be one of the most exciting times of our lives but it can also feel overwhelming. Individuals and couples come to me to discuss their concerns, without judgement from friends and family. I’ve also supported many people who are struggling to conceive.