Too busy to be mindful?


Life gets very busy for all of us and we can easily forget about ourselves.  I love mindfulness, but do I do it as often as I’d like too?  Nope!! So therefore, is it really that important to me? And this is where things get complicated. Because it is important to me and I know it can really support me. My own past experiences tell me this.  So how do I get myself to find the time to do the things that are important FOR ME?

This article has some great tips. And essentially it’s about using your current routines to incorporate mindfulness.  Now it doesn’t have to be mindfulness. That’s not necessarily for everyone. But I honestly believe that selfcare is for everyone.  In whatever shape that takes to suit you, your needs, and your busy schedule.

I think this article is a great reminder that selfcare (in whatever form) is meant to relieve pressures…. not increase them.  And by taking small but significant steps to incorporate a few mindful moments into our day, then it can gives us pleasure – not pain!

Take a look at this 30 day mindful calendar and commit to it.  By the end of 30 days these little (but significant) mindful moments will be habits. And we all know habits are hard to break!

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