Therapy is for everyone Therapy goes far beyond the treatment of psychological symptoms.  It can take us to a place of fulfillment.  Most of what goes on inside of us goes on without our conscious awareness of it. We follow whatever patterns of thought, feeling, and action were conditioned in our early development…… without question. […]

How to grieve When we think about grief we think about someone close no longer being with us.  And that’s obviously when many of us have experienced grief ourselves.  However, grief can be so much more…. a grief reaction can be experienced when we are made redundant, a re-organisation at work, financial changes, when our […]

Don’t ask me about my feelings…! For many of the people I work with, it can be extremely difficult for them to find a language that explains their feelings.  They my be intense, overwhelming, always present, intrusive, and unwelcome.  Sometimes, all of that can make us ‘feel’ numb. We can all learn our own language […]

Our Inner Critic As a child we develop many ways to protect ourselves.  As we grow into adulthood, some of these strategies can begin to impact us in a way that disrupts how we would like to be in the world.  All of this usually happens out of our awareness, and therefore it can be […]

Therapy – something to be proud of or ashamed of? I am a therapist, but I also go to therapy myself.  It’s important for my professional development, but that’s not the main reason I go.  It’s because my mental health is as important as my physical health.  I do kick boxing, yoga, mindfulness and therapy.  […]

Too busy to be mindful? Life gets very busy for all of us and we can easily forget about ourselves.  I love mindfulness, but do I do it as often as I’d like too?  Nope!! So therefore, is it really that important to me? And this is where things get complicated. Because it is important […]

Just Be You I use the logo “just be you”.  But what does that actually mean? Simply, I would say it’s self compassion, self awareness, embracing the ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ bits of ourselves, trusting yourself, loving yourself, and (last but not least) asking for what you need.  Easier said than done! And I’m […]

A Therapeutic Relationship “How on earth can talking help?” Sound familiar…?!?! But it’s not just talking…. there is far more to a therapeutic relationship in my opinion.  Take a look at this article to find out more. People who have experienced painful relationships growing up have been trained to expect similar experiences now.  And that […]

Feeling guilty? Sometimes we say “yes” to someone when we really want to say “no”….. We put our own needs behind the needs of others, whether that’s our children, partner, friends, colleagues, and sometimes even strangers.  Putting ourselves first leads to feelings of guilt.  But why…??? Of course, we all have to do things that […]

CARE The hustle and bustle of everyday life can be exciting but it can also take its toll.  Knowing how to look after yourself  in times of stress is a great idea. Consider, Act, Release control, Ease This article outlines a guide to help you when you’re under stress and feeling anxious, and the best […]