My 3 Words

An alternative to New Year Resolutions is always a welcome relief to me! A few years ago I came across ‘My 3 Words’ from Chris Brogan. This feels like a more honest way to reflect on the past year and support change for the coming year. ‘My 3 Words’ link to your values instead of being goal orientated. Meaning, it becomes apart of everything you do throughout the year…. day by day. Rather than big changes in January that are too difficult to maintain.

Here’s how it works….

Choose three words that are personal to you. Words that support you to live by, and move towards, your values. Health is a common goal in January, which can include changes in exercise and nutrition. So if you wanted health to be something you choose to focus on throughout 2022 you would need to think about three things to remind you to keep moving forward towards this goal. Examples might be MOVE (choosing to be active), SLEEP (having a regular bedtime routine that promotes sleep and rest), FOOD (eating regular meals or experimenting with different food types).

Your three words then become apart of your everyday life. So any decision making, goals, plans or experiences reflect your chosen three words.

My ‘My 3 Words’ for 2021 were JOY (take the time to reflect and connect with the small things in life that bring me joy), LOVE (self-love and communicating the love I feel for friends and family) and STRENGTH (emotional and physical). ‘My 3 Words’ for 2022 are RELATIONSHIP, GROWTH and JOY. Yes, I’m taking one from 2021 into 2022! I feel this is an area that I started in 2021, and I found it tough at times. Building on my experiences from 2021 feels important.

What are your ‘My 3 Words’ for 2022?

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