Inviting Vulnerability

“Vulnerability is a bit like Marmite….. you either love it or hate it!!”  That’s how vulnerability was once described to me.  I can understand the sentiment, but I believe you can learn to love and embrace the wonders that vulnerability can give you.  I also believe it can take a huge amount of strength and courage to be vulnerable.  But it’s worth it!

This article is a lovely overview of what being vulnerable can achieve, and what this might mean for each and everyone of us.  It will look and feel different, but it can provide us with everything we need to flourish.

One of the children I worked with called vulnerability their “super hero”…. because it “gave them super powers”.  They described it as being “a bit like being a Jedi”.  He was obviously a Star Wars fan!

Take a look at this article and see for yourself!

Being vulnerable

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