You’re never too old to play…. In fact it’s essential!

As children we play…. and play. In fact we learn so much through play.  So why would we want to give that up as we get older?  I agree that play can offer us a great deal as adults, but it’s not so easy to actually do.

Never say goodbye to play

When I first read this article it got me thinking about the types of things I did that I thought could be described as ‘play’.  There wasn’t many!! But then as I thought about it some more, this article is talking about more than going and having a game of footie, or playing eye-spy with the kids while driving to school.  It’s a mindset…. a passion for learning rather than a need for approval.  It can be part of everything we do and part of every relationship we have.  Creativity, spontaneity, mindfulness, authenticity and honesty are words that come to my mind.

Dr. Stuart Brown has a great TED talk that is really worth a listen.  He describes how plenty of play in childhood makes for happy, smart adults…. and keeping it up can make us smarter at any age. Click here to have a listen.


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