A Therapeutic Relationship

think differently

“How on earth can talking help?” Sound familiar…?!?!

But it’s not just talking…. there is far more to a therapeutic relationship in my opinion.  Take a look at this article to find out more.

People who have experienced painful relationships growing up have been trained to expect similar experiences now.  And that makes perfect sense.

It takes a new type of relationship to let yourself experience ‘you’ and others differently.  This can be difficult, as it’s not always apparent that the relationships you had with your parents, siblings and others are actually impacting how you relate to yourselves and to others today.  And you don’t need to know this to enter into therapy.   A sense of feeling stuck, alone, separate, misunderstood, not connected, unsatisfied or frustrated are all reasons that people look to therapy.

A therapeutic relationship provides a safe environment to start exploring this.  Emotions and thoughts that were once ‘not allowed’ can be felt and expressed.  Unconscious emotional suppression because of your early experiences stops you from doing this (maybe due to shame, guilt, fear) and can subsequently impact relationships with your friends, partner, children, parents and others in your life.

Therapy provides a unique opportunity due to the way the therapist responds to you – in ways that are different to those you experienced when you were younger.  This new experience helps you understand, acknowledge and accept your own needs.  It can help reduce the feelings of stuckness – and the sense of feeling alone, separate, misunderstood, not connected, unsatisfied or frustrated; empowering you to have greater autonomy in your relationships.


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