Our Inner Critic


As a child we develop many ways to protect ourselves.  As we grow into adulthood, some of these strategies can begin to impact us in a way that disrupts how we would like to be in the world.  All of this usually happens out of our awareness, and therefore it can be difficult to understand what is going on.

Signs that may mean this is impacting you include:

  • struggling to make sense of normality
  • difficulty managing your emotions or feeling emotionally numb
  • unpredictable anxiety
  • feeling empty, lost and alone
  • unable to remember periods of time, or gaps in your memory

This certainly is not an extensive list, but it is the more common things that I hear from the people that come to see me for therapy.

The inner critic is the voice inside of ourselves that keeps us from living the life we wish for ourselves.  Recognising, rejecting and affirming are three steps to help you understand your inner critic.  This then enables us to live differently.

Therapy is a support that can provide the space and a safe, confidential environment for you to do this.  Take a look at this article to get more information on strategies to support yourself…… and start to quieten down your inner critic.

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