Don’t ask me about my feelings…!


For many of the people I work with, it can be extremely difficult for them to find a language that explains their feelings.  They my be intense, overwhelming, always present, intrusive, and unwelcome.  Sometimes, all of that can make us ‘feel’ numb.

We can all learn our own language to understand our feelings.  Children tend to be pretty good at this – using colours, Lego characters, football stadiums, and even food.  It’s a language they already understand and that can help break through the sense of being ‘out of control’.

A therapist can sometimes seem to be overly interested in your feelings.  But there’s a reason for that! It can lead to breakthroughs regarding unhelpful patterns, difficult feelings, and negative interpersonal relationships. It can reconnect you with any feelings you may be trying to avoid by overthinking the situation.

Take a look at this article that talks about this in a little more detail.

If there’s one thing I’d like you to take from this post…. it would be that knowing your feelings gives them less control over you.

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