Therapy is for everyone


Therapy goes far beyond the treatment of psychological symptoms.  It can take us to a place of fulfillment.  Most of what goes on inside of us goes on without our conscious awareness of it. We follow whatever patterns of thought, feeling, and action were conditioned in our early development…… without question. We live our lives according to such patterns, missing the potential for new ways of being and knowing ourselves (and others). This is true for most of us, not just people exhibiting obvious psychological symptoms.

Therapy can develop our inner resources and insight to gain awareness, and this can lead to a real maturity.  When we start making our unconscious patterns conscious, we can begin to tease apart what is conditioned in us (from parents and others) and present with what is more authentic.  By honestly looking at how we function in the world, we can begin to see the many places in our lives incongruence shows up. So that would mean that we may think and/or feel one thing, but our actions don’t reflect that.  A therapist and the desire to know ourselves helps bring closer together our feelings, thoughts, and actions.  Therefore, reducing the incongruence that affects our authenticity.

Want to know more….? Then take a look at this article and get in touch to talk more about how therapy could support you and your relationships.

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