Emotions can be challenging Accepting and properly experiencing emotions is not always easy.  There are ways that can help everyone work with difficult emotions.  I believe acceptance is key.  I’ve experienced how denying any emotion can impact your mental health – both within my practice and through my own personal experiences.  Acceptance helps you work […]

You’re never too old to play…. In fact it’s essential! As children we play…. and play. In fact we learn so much through play.  So why would we want to give that up as we get older?  I agree that play can offer us a great deal as adults, but it’s not so easy to […]

Inviting Vulnerability “Vulnerability is a bit like Marmite….. you either love it or hate it!!”  That’s how vulnerability was once described to me.  I can understand the sentiment, but I believe you can learn to love and embrace the wonders that vulnerability can give you.  I also believe it can take a huge amount of strength […]

Therapy…. Is it for me? It takes courage to decide that therapy could help.  And even more to actually enter that therapy room.  But the rewards can be life changing…. literally!  Courage and vulnerability are big words, and they’ll feel and look different for each of us.  Working with a therapist can help us do […]

The Brain The brain is complex, but that doesn’t have to mean complicated! When we are stressed our brains primary function is to make sure we are safe…. This includes the well known ‘flight or fight’ responses.  There is an area of our brain that helps us avoid harm and find safety.  If we are […]

Emotional wellbeing Free children’s emotional wellbeing courses in Wilmslow This free course is an opportunity to learn more about emotional wellbeing and how we can support the children in our lives.  It’s being delivered by Champs Public Health Collaborative – which is a network of public health teams in the North West – ‘Youth Connect 5’ […]

…. A bit more about self care As a bit of an add on to my last blog…. follow this link (Self Care at Work) from Counselling Directory that talks through the importance of looking after yourself at work.  We all know work can be stressful.  And stress from work can often leak into other areas […]

Transactional Analysis Transactional Analysis (TA) was founded by Eric Berne, and it has a wide range of applications in clinical, therapeutic, organisational and personal development.  This therapeutic approach holds communication, personality, relationship and behaviour at its core. It therefore is able to enrich your interactions with people, as well as your understanding of yourself. TA integrates the theories […]